About the Course

An Agile project is radically different from a traditionally managed project and demands a new set of skills and abilities. Understand and experience Agile, Scrum and Kanban with Kaizania in an informative, engaging and enjoyable way – the perfect way to start delivering value to your organization through Agile.

The Agile Bootcamp course covers the fundamentals of Agile, Scrum and Kanban. This course is geared towards enabling teams and organizations to adopt an Agile approach to their projects.

Agile Bootcamp has been designed to assist teams who want to implement or enhance their Agile implementation.

All content and exercises are team based, therefore, a very good course for a whole team to attend as the course addresses team building around Agile content.

Day 1

Origins of Agile

Waterfall vs Agile

Lean principles and fundamentals

Agile economics

Key Agile Fundamentals

Kanban for Software Development

Day 2


Roles, Ceremonies, Artefacts, Flow

Agile Planning

Agile Requirements Overview

User Stories

Agile Estimation

Agile reporting and metrics


R5 500.00 ex VAT per delegate


2 days

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