4 Qualities Great Scrum Masters Have

The Scrum Master lies somewhere between management function and team leader, defining the skills or qualities that make for good Scrum Masters can be difficult. We can help you find the right Scrum Master for your company and team.

Four Characteristics of a Great Scrum Master:

1) A firm grasp of servant leadership and facilitation

2) A relentless approach to the pursuit of continuous improvement

3) A good relationship with the team and a certain degree of influence

4) A breadth of product, market, and domain knowledge

Knowledge of Agile Ideas

Agile isn’t a standard recipe, but rather a philosophy. It’s a mindset in which change isn’t the goal, but rather the starting point to business value.

Agile uses methods and frameworks such as Lean, Scrum, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). As an Agile Coach, you need to be aware of all these different methods, and know how and when to use them.

Focusing on Ensuring Business Value

Critical to being a great Agile coach is the ability to drive change and progress in areas that can deliver the most value to the business. Aligning teams and business and ensuring that impact is noticeable and measurable is the hallmark of a great Agile coach.

Agile Coaches Have an Open Mindset

As a coach you need to be constantly open to new techniques, tools and insights – versatility is key.

Dealing with different stakeholders from teams to executives and helping this diverse group gain more insight into their performance themselves, and take responsibility for it is a special skill.

This will only work if you’re able to gain the trust of teams. In order to do this you need a good capacity for sympathy and empathy.

Be Patient, Preserve and Celebrate All The Wins Along The Way

Developing an Agile mindset is usually a difficult process. Don’t expect everyone to be positive about the new way of working right away. Some people need more time than others. Focus on the things that are going well and above all, keep looking forward.