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ABSA Risk Reporting Programme

absa-case study
ABSA operates in multiple African countries, has a revenue of over R39BN and employs over 39 000 people
In the light of financial reporting scandals, the SARB mandated that all banks meet new standards of compliance within a strict timeframe to reduce exposure liability into the future.
The ask…align all of Absa to ensure delivery of a critical SARB requirement in the next 18 months.
  • Across over 15 internal departments needed to provide data
  • In multiple geographies
  • With many legacy systems
  • For a non-revenue generating initiative

Whilst the vision, outcome and deadline is clear. The route to the solution is less so… We have over 15 talented, senior leaders sure that the solution needs to be tailored to their own departments requirements. We are debating the solution and approach ad nauseum, whilst making limited progress

For 18 months we have been searching for a perfect plan to align behind before we get started – we are running our of runway

Ninelle Robertson

ABSA RDARR Program Manager

The ABSA Risk Reporting program has taken off. We have grown from 4 teams to 15 in a matter of months. Over the same time we have ramped to over 80% completion. Teams are energized and the business is on track for delivery ahead of schedule. Thank you to the team from iOCO Agile (Kaizania), our progress would not have been possible without you!

Magda Nunes

Risk Reporting RTE