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Get comprehensive Agile training with Kaizania

Gain the essential knowledge you need to drive your teams to more Agile ways of working, with an Agile Course that meets your specific needs and goals. Our courses help participants acquire a unique set of skills and abilities to adopt the Agile approach to organisational way of working, change management, team building and training.

Given the speed of change, innovation and globalisation, more organisations strive to remain competitive. As a result, many of them have turned to Agile to implement effective Agile principles and framework.

Benefit from experienced word-class Agile coaches who have helped numerous individuals obtain their Agile Certifications and take their skills to the next level.


Training from the BACK of the ROOM® – TBR

Engage and inspire your Agile team with brain-based ‘BACK of the ROOM’ training in this popular 2-day skills-building course.

 Learn all about:

  • How the human brain learns
  • Cognitive neuroscience relating to effective instruction
  • 6 learning principles based on current cognitive neuroscience
  • Brain-Based Instructional Design Model
  • Brain science elements important to human learning
  • Dozens of brain-based learning activities

ONLY R10 500.00 excl. VAT

Agile Bootcamp Training

The Agile Bootcamp course helps teams and organisations adopt an Agile approach to their projects following a scaled Agile framework.

Learn all about:

  • The fundamentals of Agile, Scrum and Kanban
  • Delivering value to your organisation
  • Agile team building
  • Agile Bootcamp and frameworks to implement in a group setting.

ONLY R7 500.00 excl. VAT


Agile Change Management

Gain an in-depth understanding of Lean & Agile practices. Discover how to use these techniques to effectively implement change in your organisation.

Learn all about:

    • Agile & SAFe® Principles
    • Agile Culture
    • Agile Leadership in an Organisation
    • Agile Change Models
    • Agile Change Measurements
    • Agile Change Tools


ONLY R9 500.00 excl. VAT

Agile Training for Executives

This single-day session provides Agile training for executives. Participants are provided with the necessary organisational and management tools to play “the game” of business and Agile.

Learn all about:

  • Economics of the Innovation Game
  • The New Innovation Game
  • Playing the Game
  • Scaling and Governing the game


ONLY R5 500.00 excl. VAT

Remote Work Training and Certification

Explore the different tools to use for remote work and how to facilitate effective, seamless remote sessions based on the human brain’s functionality and Agile principles.

Learn how to:

  • Compare and conclude on tools to use for remote work
  • Optimise productivity in remote work
  • Facilitate remote sessions
  • Apply a remote work mindset
  • Practice dozens of remote work/brain-based activities.


ONLY R5 000.00 excl. VAT


The Product Owner course was a great 2 days, Greg was interactive giving us theory and explaining the practical application of it. I would really recommend this course.

Angie Davies

Whilst the vision, outcome and deadline is clear. The route to the solution is less so… We have over 15 talented, senior leaders sure that thesolution needs to be tailored to their own departments requirements. We are debating the solution and approach ad nauseum, whilst making limited progress

Ninelle Robertson

Greg Banach’s was interactive giving us theory and explaining the practical of it


Who should attend

We provide Agile courses that are especially suited for individuals and teams. Our offerings include Agile training for:

Managers, project managers, team leaders, product owners & certified scrum masters

Coaches, facilitators, instructors, trainers, teachers, speakers, and presenters

Teams, executives and anyone who needs to effectively engage with an audience

Anyone who needs to work remotely and engage with a team

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your FAQs about Agile training courses.

The heart of Agile focuses on collaboration, delivering, reflect and improve as an organisation or individual. This creates a healthy organisational environment defined by collaboration and effective communication. Agile consist of 4 values and 12 principles.

Agile is NOT a methodology, it is a way of being/working characterised by a set of values and principles. The agile principles and values revolve around collaboration, delivering, reflection and relentless improvement.

Agile is not the same as Scrum. Agile consists of 4 values and 12 principles that drive behaviour for software development. On the other hand, Scrum is a specific Agile framework that describe a way of working. Scrum is the most common and well-known agile framework and often the reason why it gets mentioned together with agile.

Read more about the differences between Agile and Scrum here.

There are plenty of Agile certification types that are well-suited for different scenarios. Choose the best Agile certification to meet your requirements: Further develop your Agile skills through the SAFe courses offered by Kaizania.

Obtaining an Agile accreditation can take anywhere from several days to several months, depending on the nature of the course and the institution offering the training.

Our sessions are generally 1 – 2 days and we do offer agile training courses online that might influence the timeframe.

Agile change management helps teams and individuals to focus on the most important activities in their organisational structure. It provides a lean, flexible and interactive approach to achieving sustainable change in an Agile environment.

Browse our selection of Scrum training courses:




Gain a full understanding of the role of a Scrum Product Owner. Learn how to create the Agile product vision and order a Product Backlog, all while managing stakeholders and the scrum team.



Receive interactive and immersive training, delivered by a world-renowned Scrum Trainer. Challenge and develop your knowledge in the principles, values, roles and rules of the Scrum Framework and the Agile manifesto.



Develop a full understanding of the Agile mindset, the Scrum framework and how to handle technical aspects of being agile. Build on your agile knowledge.

What our customers have to say

Timothy Besigye
Timothy Besigye
Well facilitated training especially with delegates connecting remotely, the course was delivered exceptionally well. The knowledge acquisition journey that Vanessa guided us towards was remarkable. We could relate to our current agile ways of working and seek better ways of implementation.
Charl Graham
Charl Graham
I have learned a lot during the sessions. The sessions was fun, energetic and with high engagement. Really enjoyed it.
Riana Engelbrecht
Riana Engelbrecht
I enjoyed the course, the pace was good for me,the content and learning mechanisms very effective. I have done agile courses before with like minded individuals, so it was interesting to see and observe the reaction from "technical"participants regarding the chaos represented by the games. Maybe some objectives to games, and examples/videos of where games work afterwards may give so context?
Hishamuddien Rumaney
Hishamuddien Rumaney
This was an amazing course
Jason Rattray
Jason Rattray
Great overview and actual practical engagement with this methodology leaving one confident and prepared to implement this in your business
Gugu Msibi
Gugu Msibi
The agile training course has empowered me and yes indeed it is way of doing things. This is only the beginning and I have started looking for opportunities even outside of work where I can start using it. I believe my life has been transformed.
Salim Desai
Salim Desai
What a fun learning experience!
Clive Kairuz
Clive Kairuz
Wow - thoroughly enjoyed my training at Agile of Course. Highly recommend their courses to anyone that wants to learn more about Agile!

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