Agile Courses And Training for Executives

Agile Courses For Executive Leaders

How can organizations survive and thrive in our globalised, internet speed world where revolution is the norm? Innovation over the last 20 years was about technology and its application in order to reduce cost. Today, it’s about taking corporate organizations built for efficiency and rewiring them for creativity and growth. This 1 day session provides executives with the organizational and management tools needed to lead their organizations to inventive success.

The New Innovation Game

Three eras of work

Lean, Agile and the Flexible Production era

How a project mentality of innovation

loses organizations Rbillions

Playing the Game

Effectively managing innovation Risk

Venture capital project approach




Economics of the Innovation game

Take an economic view

Actively Manage Queues

Exploit Variability

Reduce Batch Size

Apply WIP Constraints

Control Flow: Cadence and Synchronization

Apply Fast Feedback

Decentralize Control

Scaling and Governing the game

Self organization and teams

Organizational structure – from bureaucratic to functional to matrix to units of innovation

Decentralised decision making and innovative excellence

Applied game theory in organizations


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