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Agile Transformation

Your Agile Transformation journey begins here

Greater speed to market. High levels of productivity and production quality. Streamlined business visibility and greater decision intelligence: these are the hallmarks of an agile organisation.

However, the Agile transformation journey can be complex, especially for larger, established traditional organisations.

This is why Kaizania offers a comprehensive, turnkey Agile solution for businesses, delivered by a team of highly skilled Agile specialists. Through Agile coaching and training, mapping Agile value streams and success metrics, change management and culture alignment, we help companies large and small reach their full potential and optimise their

What is Agile Transformation?

Agile Transformation is the journey of shifting the predominant mindset and practices of an organisation. We live in unpredictable times with constant change and volatility in the global economy. Successfully transformed businesses can adapt to these circumstances and potentially thrive like never before.

Agile transformation training is important for several reasons. It serves as a definitive system for identifying strengths and weaknesses within a business and adapting accordingly through Agile practices. Organisations can better serve the interests of customers, employees and stakeholders after completing a successful Agile transformation.

Roadmap to a successful Agile Transformation

Our unique Agile approach involves a detailed Agile transformation roadmap in which organisations can review their operations. From the initial workshops all the way through to the launch, there is an opportunity to identify Agile Transformation challenges and improve business agility.

Our 6-Step approach to Agile Transformation

Kaizania’s 6-step Agile Transformation entails training and coaching at various levels to execute effective Agile project management. We ensure the successful adoption of Agile methodology and principles.

The 6 steps include:

  1. Leadership Alignment

At this stage, expectations are set for each step of the Agile process. We’ll outline the changes that your team can expect in future by creating a Strategic Change Canvas. This step also involves Agile training for team executives, enabling them to effectively spearhead the transformation.

  1. Value Stream Mapping

Gain an understanding of your customers’ value streams, as well as the supporting systems, people and processes in the organisation. This makes it possible to streamline the production process and align the Agile teams with customer needs and values. In addition, step entails assessing the organisation’s DevOps approach, tools and practices.

  1. Team Readiness

Create an Agile workspace, in-person or online, before confirming the role of each team member and their competencies. Establishing team readiness also means confirming DevOps practices and tools, as well as Agile tools.

  1. Training

Complete Agile Bootcamp Training, Scrum Master Training or SAFe courses. This might include product owner training which enables team members to effectively manage the product development process. Training is a critical step as it accounts for the acquisition of necessary skills to complete the Agile transformation.

  1. Agile Programme Planning (PI Planning)

Prepare for the ongoing Agile transformation through Programme Increment (PI) planning. This means planning workflows for each Agile sprint by developing a detailed strategy and schedule. This step is important for teams and leadership to establish an effective way of working.

  1. Coaching and Tracking Success

The Agile teams are coached through their sprints and encouraged to implement Agile practices. In addition, the DevOps teams receive coaching too to support the transformation. Throughout the process, all the teams can refer to the necessary metrics for improvement to track progress.