Unlock True Agility Across Your Organization

Business Agility Transformations

Adopt, Evolve, and Scale Agile Practices for Sustained Success

Business Agility takes the philosophy behind Agile development and applies it to every part of the company. It offers numerous commercial benefits, including faster time to market, greater adaptability, and the ability to harness emerging opportunities with innovative, digitally enabled business solutions.

Some Brands We Work With

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse range of industry-leading brands.

Our Approach:

Agile Adoption (Scrum, Kanban), Cross-Functional Teams, Agile Tools, and Workspaces.

Scaling Agile, DevOps Maturity, Leadership & Culture.

Lean Product & Portfolio Management, Value Stream Structure, Digital Transformation.

Customer Inclusion, Talent Development, HR Transformation, Operations, Finance, Legal, Audit, Sales/Marketing.

Anticipate Customer Needs, Proactive Disruption, Sustaining a Learning Culture.

Embracing prioritization is critical to performing well in an Agile world.

Why Choose Us

At Kaizania, we are dedicated to fostering business success through innovative and effective work methodologies. Here’s why partnering with us makes a difference:

Certified Expertise

Access to internationally certified coaches ensuring best practices in business agility, Lean implementations, consulting, coaching, and training.

Belief in Better Work

Commitment to enabling business success through improved work methodologies.

Measurable Benefits

Detailed benefits include increased employee engagement, faster time to market, higher productivity, and improved quality.


Partnering with us brings a host of advantages designed to propel your business forward:

Core Deliverables


Pilot Initiative

Identify and launch a pilot initiative to showcase the benefits of an Agile team.

Engage Leadership

Start the transformation from the top.

Scale Success

Scale the success of the pilot initiative across the business.

The ABSA Risk Reporting program has taken off. We have grown from 4 teams to 15 in a matter of months. Over the same time we have ramped to over 80% completion. Teams are energized and the business is on track for delivery ahead of schedule. Thank you to the team from iOCO Agile (Kaizania), our progress would not have been possible without you!



Deliverables for Scaled Implementation


Executive Agile Immersion.

Value Stream Mapping

Mapping the flow of value.

Agile Coaching

Continuous coaching for teams.

Agile Bootcamp

Intensive training for team members.

Agile Planning

Agile Planning every 90 days.

Our 6 Steps to an Agile Transformation


  • Leadership alignment workshop: Set expectations of Agile, define required support, and outline expected changes.
  • Leading Agile for Executives: Specialized training.
  • Strategic Change Canvas: Define the vision and metrics.
  • Map customer value streams, supporting systems, processes, and people.
  • Align agile teams to value streams.
  • Assess DevOps approach, tools, and practices.
  • Confirm team members and Agile tools.
  • Set up Agile workspaces (if physically collocated).
  • Define roles for Scrum Master and Product Owner.
  • Clarify DevOps practices and tools.
  • Prepare for the Agile planning event.
  • Facilitate Agile planning with all teams and leadership.
  • Track delivery on the Agile Planning Board/Jira/Miro.
  • Agile Bootcamp training.
  • Scrum Master training.
  • Product Owner training, including feature writing.
  • Continuous coaching during sprints, retrospectives, and demos.
  • Program-level coaching.
  • Track team performance metrics for ongoing improvements.
  • Business Agility requires buy-in from leadership to every team member.
  • The objective is to coach and train so that the business can independently run its own PI planning sessions and agile squads.
  • It requires real commitment from business and IT stakeholders to embrace Agile at scale.
  • Strategic planning can be tricky, and organizations often revert to Waterfall methods unless specifically coached to plan programs in an agile manner.