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All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience.  

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Duration of course: 2 days 

Certification included: No

Course overview:
Our Agile Bootcamp course covers the fundamentals of Agile Ways of Work, with a deep dive into Scrum and Kanban methodology. What makes this course different to most is its focus on the ‘PEOPLE’ enablement and engagement. Team dynamics, health and facilitating conversations, sometimes uncomfortable are one of the core values of Agile. We explore this through various group exercises.  

This course is open to anyone who engages with people, groups, and/or teams. Wanting to explore Agile, that which is different from a traditionally managed project and demands a new set of skills and abilities. Agile Bootcamp has been designed to assist people and teams who want to implement or enhance their Agile knowledge and implementation, with various simulations to anchor the learning outcomes.  

After two days, you will walk away with a stronger understanding of Agile, team dynamic, an amplified understanding of SCRUM, Kanban, Roles & Responsibilities and much more. Through the entire workshop you will be guided by one of our passionate Agile Coaches in an informative, engaging, and enjoyable way – the perfect way to empower you in delivering value to your organization. 

All content and exercises are group/or team based. If you are an already existing team, this can double up as a teambuilding with a learning flavour.  

Who should attend?
– All members of an Agile team 

What you’ll learn:
– Understanding of Agile
– Team dynamics
– Understanding SCRUM, Kanban, roles and responsibilities 

Topics covered:
– Group based exercises