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Visual Conversations: The Skilled Facilitator

We are living in the Information Age. No matter our job or professional titles each of us, frequently or not, are required to present or gather information, input, and feedback, run meetings, planning sessions, and/or workshops, facilitate discussions, resolve conflict, and create alignment. We must do all of this while having to navigate through individual, group, and system dynamics with our staff, colleagues, stakeholders, or customers.

Visual Conversations: The Skilled Facilitator, was born out of the experiences of this and the realisation that communication, shared meaning, and collective understanding is the first step in people being able to work effectively together.

This is a 2 DAY interactive workshop based on the Adult Learning Model. What that looks like in Practice, Participation, Role Play and leaning into the uncomfortable whilst being held safely through the experience.

Cost: R8 000.00 Excl Vat

It draws on nearly 20 years’ experience across organisational psychology and sociology, recruitment, people and project management, change management, agile ways of work, facilitation, and coaching.

What makes it a unique experience? Visual Conversations incorporates the art of making information visual, you will walk away with the ability and experience on how to draw basic concepts, create amazing flipchart and more.

You will walk away feeling empowered that you can stand TALL in any room and facilitate. The intention is to share principles, best practices, tools, and experiences from here you can pick and choose what is relevant, what works for you, and add it to your professional toolbox.

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About the trainer

Facilitator & Trainer: Androniki Drakes

Experienced Facilitator, Coach (Agile, Team and Behavioural), Visual Storyteller and Change Manager. Knowledge and experience spans over 15 years across the “People Value Chain”, from resource & talent management, line management, project management, role alignment, change management, team engagement, business engagement and co-creating outcomes, leadership coaching and awareness, servant leadership practice among others. Last 9 years, specific focus in Financial Services within IT, implementing large scale Agile and People Change initiative.

Focus on driving implementation and adoption through strong engagement with our teams, leadership and business. Co-Creating our outcomes.

Qualifications & Expertise: Certified ORSCC and ICF Practitioner; IC Agile Team Facilitator/ Facilitator/Change Manager ADKAR/Agile Coach/Scrum/ Visual Facilitator/Facilitator……nice person