Inspect and Adapt Workshops

How do you know you’re improving without referring to what you have done?

The Inspect and Adapt (I&A) workshop is a crucial element in the continuous improvement cycle of Agile methodologies. Inspired by Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model, this workshop focuses on the “Check” and “Act” stages, allowing Agile teams to showcase their developed solutions and reflect on their delivery cycles. This reflection process includes both quantitative and qualitative reviews, guiding the team toward actionable improvements and future-focused roadmaps for delivery.

By embedding a culture of relentless improvement, the Inspect and Adapt workshop helps Agile teams stay aligned with the core principles of Agile—transparency, inspection, and adaptation.


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Workshop Structure

The Inspect and Adapt workshop consists of three key components:

Kaizania’s Service Offering

Kaizania provides comprehensive support for your Inspect and Adapt workshops, ensuring they are productive and impactful. Our services include:

Pre-Inspect and Adapt Workshop Coordination

Organizing all the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth and effective workshop.

Feedback Survey Development

Creating, communicating, and consolidating feedback surveys to gather essential data for the retrospective and problem-solving session.

Event Facilitation

Leading the Inspect and Adapt event to maintain focus and drive productive discussions.

Problem-Solving Facilitation and Coordination

Guiding the problem-solving portion of the I&A event to identify actionable improvements and ensure they are integrated into future delivery plans.

Benefits of the Inspect and Adapt Workshop

Enhanced Transparency
By showcasing the current state of the solution, all stakeholders gain a clear and shared understanding of progress.

Continuous Improvement
Regular reflection and problem-solving sessions help identify and address issues promptly, fostering a culture of relentless improvement.

Informed Decision-Making
The combination of quantitative and qualitative evaluations ensures that decisions are based on comprehensive and accurate data.

Alignment with Agile Principles
The workshop reinforces the core Agile principles of transparency, inspection, and adaptation, ensuring teams remain agile and responsive.

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