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Last month our Enterprise Agility coach, Greg Banach facilitated a Hackathon at our client Old Mutual with fantastic results! The goal of a hackathon is more than just creating functioning software by the end of the event, it is about solving an important customer or system problem. The true power of a hackathon is to unlock teams’ potential, discover new ideas and experience a culture of empowerment and innovation.

How did we make this happen?

  1. We empower teams to come up with unique ideas linked to business or consumer problems that they have seen – nothing from their current backlogs.

  2. We ask teams to self-organise and only work on challenges that they are passionate about. You can’t force innovation.

  3. We ask that the teams demo their solutions to executives after a 48hour working session –  that means no PowerPoint presentations but showcasing a live demo.

The results of the Old Mutual Hackathon in May…

  • 11 big ideas presented via live demos all linked to customer and business benefits.

  • Over 60 passionate, driven, committed team members self-organised behind these ideas into various teams.

  • 48 hours set aside for the Hackathon – giving teams the time and freedom to make their ideas a reality.

  • 6 senior executives seeing the demos and acting as judges being exposed to team members that they may not normally interact with.

  • 1 board level presentation with ideas going forward to be made a reality. Now that’s making an impact!

Would you like us to run a hackathon for your team?
Email Greg at  gregb@kaizania.co.za

Greg Banach

Meet Kaizania’s Enterprise Agility Coach, Product Owner Coach, Trainer & SAFe SPC®

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