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Kaizania Customised Workshops

Your Needs

At Kaizania, we pride ourselves on tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each customer. We recognize that effective change and Agile practices are highly contextual and should be adapted to fit specific environments, challenges, and goals. Our role is to deeply understand your pain points and help you achieve success through customised solutions.

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What We Offer

1. Agile Teams

o Focus on team alignment, dynamics of healthy teams, and role clarity.

o Simulated team activities to reinforce concepts and practices, including Kanban, Scrum, and User Stories.

o Elements of team coaching to enhance team performance and collaboration.

2. Simulations

o Use of interactive tools like Playdoh to create real-time scenarios.

o Facilitated post-simulation sessions to draw connections and insights.

o Our past experience: A Face-to-Face World Café session with 180 participants.

3. “Making it Real” Workshops – Turning Theory into Practice

o Deep dive into the practical application of understanding your role as a scrum master or a product owner.

o Equipping you with a deeper understanding of how to assist and guide an Agile team to improve effective and efficient delivery.

o Focus on different practical applications, approaches, and examples to address context-specific scenarios.

o Good practice applications and hands-on exercises to assist you in your role.

4. Leadership Workshops

o Equipping leaders with the skills to lead in an Agile environment.

o Addressing common pitfalls and supporting Agile journeys.

o Enhancing understanding of customer needs and maximizing business value delivery.

Why Choose Us?

Discover why partnering with us sets you on the path to success with our tailored solutions, experienced trainers, interactive learning, and leadership-focused approach.

  • Tailored Solutions: Our workshops are designed to fit your unique context and goals.

  • Practical Experience: Our trainers have firsthand experience in Agile transformations and consulting.

  • Interactive Learning: We use simulations and hands-on activities to make learning engaging and effective.
  • Leadership Focus: We help leaders navigate the complexities of Agile environments to drive continuous learning and innovation.