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Lessons for an Agile Transformation Coach

Lessons for an agile transformation coach

I was reflecting on the Business Agility conference we went to about a month ago and the talk that really resonated with me was lessons from an Agile Transformation Coach….I have kept the lessons but put my own flavor to it, I hope she doesn’t mind:) These lessons humble me as I quickly forget where people are in their Agile journey, I may have done this many times over the last few years, but they haven’t. I hope these lessons help you too.

  1. Heal the Pain – don’t assume the answer, be with the team, and understand them. Get the t-shirt because the team gave you a t-shirt as you are one of them. You can’t tell people to practice meditation when they have a nail in their hand…or you can’t teach people to have a great Daily Stand Up if they don’t know how their success, increase and career will progress in the new role.
  2. Share Shamelessly – for me, this means Winning Others Over (WOO) by helping them see what is in for them and giving the information they need when they need it. Be of service and get invited to the right meetings because they know you can help.
  3. Love your Boss  – she really said this, it’s not just me Understand what your client/ boss is trying to achieve and help them get there. Our clients need us because we help them succeed in a way they couldn’t on their own.
  4. Drop the Ego  – it’s not about me, it’s about the people and company we are working with. Sometimes we will succeed and sometimes we will fail. If we fail we must learn and get better next time.