“Making it Real”: Scrum Master – Mastering the practical

The objective of this workshop is to provide Scrum Masters with practical, hands-on tools and learn-by-doing to transform theoretical knowledge into context-specific learning and application.

The focus is on enabling Scrum Masters to better understand their role and effectively implement approaches that foster team efficiencies within the delivery lifecycle. Additionally, this workshop will expand these practical learnings within the broader organization and Agile journey and is customisable and flexible based on your needs.


By the end of this workshop, Scrum Masters will have:
– Confidence to apply scrum or kanban and the role of a scrum master within a team.
– Tips and tricks to add to their Scrum Master toolbelt.
– Understanding how to leverage your learnings to improve team efficiencies.
– Knowledge on how to facilitate key team events for maximum outcomes.
– A practical understanding of the team coaching role and techniques for managing team dynamics.
– Insights on applying and operationalising practices both within their team and in the broader organization.

Workshop Outline

What is covered?

  • Values and principles
  • Being Agile vs Doing Agile
  • Make-up of an Agile Team
  • Key relationships
  • Deep dive the scrum master role
  • Approaches to applying Scrum principles in real-world scenarios.
  • Adapting Scrum practices to fit the team’s specific context.
  • Case studies of successful practical applications.
  • Providing skills and techniques a scrum master can use when starting up a new team or when a Scrum Master joins a new team.
  • Focus on the inter-relationship of the events and how they enable P-D-C-A
  • How to prepare and facilitate the Scrum events
  • How to maximise the value of the scrum events and manage Agile fatigue
  • Team dysfunctions
  • Understanding team dynamics as teams mature
  • Interventions to shift behaviour.
  • Understanding servant leadership in your role as a scrum master
  • Recap of key points.
  • Encouragement for continuous learning and adaptation.
  • Final thoughts on mastering the practical aspects of the Scrum Master role.