Making It Real: The Product Owner’s Guide to Practical Application (Workshop Edition)


This workshop aims to provide Product Owners (POs) with a hands-on, practical approach to transition from theoretical knowledge to context-specific applications. Participants will:

1. Understand their role in articulating the “what” to help teams refine the “how”.
2. Translate their efforts into value and strategic alignment within the team and broader organization.
3. Navigate the broader PO community to align initiatives with strategic outcomes.
4. Facilitate key team events, prioritize tasks, and apply feature slicing techniques effectively.

Target Audience

• Product Owners in Agile environments.
• Agile team members looking to understand the PO role.
• Stakeholders and managers interested in Agile practices.

Workshop Outline

This comprehensive workshop covers essential aspects of the Product Owner role, including responsibilities, articulating product vision, enabling team collaboration, prioritization methods, facilitating Agile events, and practical application of feature writing. Participants will engage in interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and real-world exercises to enhance their skills and effectiveness as Product Owners. The workshop also provides tools and techniques for managing cross-team dependencies and operating within broader organizational contexts, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the Product Owner’s role in Agile environments.

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