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Are you a technical person in an agile environment? Do you want to understand all the technical elements involved in being agile? If your answer is YES, then join the 5-day Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD®) course to get a full understanding of the Agile mindset, the Scrum framework and how to handle technical aspects of being agile.

You can expect a highly interactive and fun 5-days training where you will be challenged on your knowledge through exercises and simulations, as well as where the facts will be combined with practical examples – and yes you will be coding! The course covers the critical skills in coding, testing, refactoring, continuous integration, and other related topics that are needed for successful team software development in an agile environment

On completion of the full 5-days training, you will be credited with an internationally recognized Certified Scrum Developer® certificate (CSD®) from Scrum Alliance.


Topics you can expect

Agile & Scrum theory

Scrum Simulation: Scrumchkin

From Product Vision to Product Backlog

Behaviour Driven Development

Architecture and Design

Collaboration such as, but not limited to Pair Programming

Test-Driven Development

Unit Testing


Continuous Integration and Deployment

Single Command Build

Single Source Repository

Code Quality

Who should attend

Developers, Software Architects, Testers, Technology Directors, Project Managers, and Technical Leaders.

Anyone that would like an understanding of the agile mindset, the Scrum framework and the technical part of being agile.

About the trainer

Mario Melo - Certified Scrum Developer Trainer

Mario began his career as a developer in 2004 and was one of the first Scrum Alliance official trainers to be awarded the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) certification in Brazil. Since 2014, he has been working as a trainer and coach in Brazil and Europe, working with clients such as Nokia, Siemens, FPF Tech, Outsystems, Energias de Portugal (EDP) and others.

Mario is also a founder of Facta IT, a software development company from Belo Horizonte created in 2011 that has helped start-ups and multinationals find and develop technological solutions that provide returns on investments as soon as possible.

Malene Jacobsen - Co-Trainer

Malene will be co-training the course with Mario. Malene is one of the few people that has never done a Waterfall project. She was first exposed to Agile and Scrum during an Advanced Computer Science course and since then it has become a natural way of thinking both in work and her private life. Malene fully lives up to the saying: ‘you don’t do Agile, you become Agile!’

Malene has significant experience in using Scrum in all rolls of a Scrum team and at a large variety of industries including manufacturing, education, finance, retail and not to mention her own private life – ask her how you plan a wedding with the Scrum framework!


Your own laptop

Programming skills

Attend in-person the full 5 days course.

After successfully completing the course, you will be asked to accept the CSD License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.

Your certificate will be valid for 2 years from acceptance of the CSD License

Cost: R15 500,00
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