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Certified Scrum Product Owner

Get your Scrum Alliance CSPO® Certification

Are you comfortable with the “business side” of projects? Do you need to extend your knowledge as a Product Owner? Or is this an entirely new topic for you?

Join the 2-day Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) course to gain a full understanding of the Scrum Product Owner role. Learn how to create the product vision and order a Product Backlog, all while managing stakeholders.

What Is A Scrum Product Owner?

The Scrum Product Owner is usually the primary stakeholder who oversees the workflows of Scrum team members. Their duty is to create and express a clear vision for the product. Together, the Scrum Product Owner, stakeholders, Scrum Master, and Scrum Developer collaborate to achieve this vision.

The Product Owner is a single person, not a committee. However, they often represent the demands of a committee of stakeholders. Individuals who wish to change the order of backlog items must address the Product Owner.

What Is CSPO Training?

You can expect a highly interactive 2-day CSPO® certification training course where we will challenge your knowledge through exercises and simulations. This includes combining the training material with practical examples.
On completion of the full 2 days of training, you will receive an internationally recognised Certified Scrum Product Owner® certificate (CSPO®) from the Scrum Alliance valid for 2 years.

Topics you can expect

Agile & Scrum Theory

Product Owner Core Competencies

Describing Purpose and Strategy

Understanding Customer and Users

Validating Product Assumptions

Working with Product Backlog

Course Requirements

Attend the full 16-hour course (2 days)

Accept the CSPO® License Agreement

Complete your Scrum Alliance membership

Book a CSPO course

Should you wish to be notified when the next course will be available

FAQs About Scrum Development

The Scrum Master can potentially become the Product Owner; however, the scrum guide defines them as two separate accountabilities. The key duty of a Scrum Master is to support the team and drive implementation of the Agile mindset. The Product Owner is responsible for the product’s end value and handling the Product Backlog.  

Scrum Product Owners cover the following tasks:

  1. Sprint Planning
  2. Defining the Roadmap
  3. Stakeholder Discussion
  4. Product Backlog Management
  5. Mid-Sprint Review
  6. Customer Feedback Session
  7. External Review
  8. Product Backlog Refinement activities
  9. Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective

The role of the Product Owner is not considerably technical. They should understand the Scrum framework and have a general knowledge of the processes which lead to product development. As a CSPO®, you will focus on delivering value to your product.

Like any outstanding leader, the Product Owner needs to have a multitude of different personality traits and skills that are optimised for Product Delivery. This includes the ability to define the vision, manage the product backlog and prioritise tasks. The Product Owner effectively work with the development team and acts as the liaison for stakeholders.

The CSPO® certification is the start of the journey for a product owner. However, product owners can also benefit in taking the below training courses

  1. SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager
  2. Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
  3. Training From the BACK of the Room (TBR)

There is currently no certification exam required to become a CSPO. Successfully and active attending the two-day course/ online training taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) will result in certification. The goal is to ensure that participants have a solid understanding of Scrum framework by the end of the course.

Ready to become a CSPO? Book training with Kaizania.

About the trainer

Iain Mckenna - Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

Iain is an accredited Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) from the UK and has not only trained many people in Scrum but has extensive experience in actually applying the Scrum framework in a large variety of industries including media and telecoms, finance, education, health care, retail, leisure and gaming.

Iain also has significant experience of scaling Scrum in organisations with over 500 software development staff members as well as using Scrum in non-software environments including health care and education. In 2016, Iain won the award “Most Popular SCRUM Professional” at the Agile Awards in the UK. This award is determined by public voting.

Malene Jacobsen - Co-Trainer

Malene will be co-training the course with Mario. Malene is one of the few people that has never done a Waterfall project. She was first exposed to Agile and Scrum during an Advanced Computer Science course and since then it has become a natural way of thinking both in work and her private life. Malene fully lives up to the saying: ‘you don’t do Agile, you become Agile!’

Malene has significant experience in using Scrum in all rolls of a Scrum team and at a large variety of industries including manufacturing, education, finance, retail and not to mention her own private life – ask her how you plan a wedding with the Scrum framework!

What our customers have to say

Timothy Besigye
Timothy Besigye
Well facilitated training especially with delegates connecting remotely, the course was delivered exceptionally well. The knowledge acquisition journey that Vanessa guided us towards was remarkable. We could relate to our current agile ways of working and seek better ways of implementation.
Charl Graham
Charl Graham
I have learned a lot during the sessions. The sessions was fun, energetic and with high engagement. Really enjoyed it.
Riana Engelbrecht
Riana Engelbrecht
I enjoyed the course, the pace was good for me,the content and learning mechanisms very effective. I have done agile courses before with like minded individuals, so it was interesting to see and observe the reaction from "technical"participants regarding the chaos represented by the games. Maybe some objectives to games, and examples/videos of where games work afterwards may give so context?
Hishamuddien Rumaney
Hishamuddien Rumaney
This was an amazing course
Jason Rattray
Jason Rattray
Great overview and actual practical engagement with this methodology leaving one confident and prepared to implement this in your business
Gugu Msibi
Gugu Msibi
The agile training course has empowered me and yes indeed it is way of doing things. This is only the beginning and I have started looking for opportunities even outside of work where I can start using it. I believe my life has been transformed.
Salim Desai
Salim Desai
What a fun learning experience!
Clive Kairuz
Clive Kairuz
Wow - thoroughly enjoyed my training at Agile of Course. Highly recommend their courses to anyone that wants to learn more about Agile!

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